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The eQuickCheck5 is a free survey provided by ECO Zero to our partner auditors. This audit has been designed to help the auditor to identify clients with potentially large savings to be gleaned from energy efficiency retrofits. The survey itself is a simple process, asking only for input to answer five questions. With this basic information, eQuickCheck5 returns the building's energy utilization index (EUI), and the necessary information to determine if more extensive audits should be conducted.

Optional water consumption data can also be entered to create a consumption index.

  • » Building Zip Code

  • » Aggregated Annual Energy Use Data

  • » Aggregated Annual Total Energy Costs

  • » Aggregated Annual Water Consumption

  • » Average Number of Building Occupants

eQuickCheck Standard
The eQuickCheck survey builds on the basics, and expands data input to allow for a more refined analysis. As in the eQuickCheck5, the building's EUI is calculated, but the level of detail behind this number is much expanded. Energy use for up to 36 months can be entered into the tool, allowing for trend analyses and degree day comparisons. This extra level of detail allows for changes in the environment (a colder than normal winter, or a wamer than normal summer, for example) over the period surveyed. When the eQuickCheck5 returns a "borderline" EUI, this survey would be a logical follow up to help identify the potential for savings at the client's building.

The same level of detail (36-months of data) is allowed for the analysis of water consumption data.

  • » Building Zip Code

  • » Up to 36-months of Energy Use Data

  • » Up to 36-months of Energy Costs

  • » Up to 36-months of Water Consumption

  • » Up to 36-months of Building Occupant Count Data

eQuickCheck PRO
The eQuickCheck PRO survey includes all of the reports in the standard version, along submission of energy and water use data to the EPA's Portfolio Manager. As in the eQuickCheck Standard, energy use for up to 36 months can be entered into the tool, and the building's EUI is calculated along with energy usage trends adjusted by degree days.

There are currently seven cities and two states with benchmarking regulations. (See the "Benchmarking" menu option above.) All of these government bodies specify that the EPA's Portfolio Manager is to be used as the rating tool. eQuickCheck Pro satisfies all these requirements and will help your clients be in compliance with all benchmarking regulations.

The same level of detail (36-months of data) is allowed for the analysis of water consumption data.

  • » Building Zip Code

  • » Up to 36-months of Energy Use Data

  • » Up to 36-months of Energy Costs

  • » Up to 36-months of Water Consumption

  • » Up to 36-months of Building Occupant Count Data

  • » Automatic Sumbission of Energy Data to Portfolio Manager

The eXpressAudit360 is a checklist of items for the auditor to monitor during a walkthrough audit of a building. Forty building components are evaluated via easy-to-use checklists to assure the completion of a comprehensive survey in the least amount of time possible. While no detailed reports are produced, the forty systems are rated and ranked so that the auditor and the building owner can focus on those areas most in need of retrofit.

The eXpressAudit360 has been designed as the second "step" in the initial workup of a building's energy efficiency. eQuickCheck has identified a building with a high EUI. eXpressAudit360 is meant to point out those areas of the buidling that could be the most energy inefficient and in need of more detailed analysis.

Among the areas of a building being rated are:

  • » Building Envelope (Roof, Windows, Doors, etc.)

  • » Lighting & Electrical Systems

  • » Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • » Water and Hot Water Systems

  • » Waste Streams and Recycling

  • » Feasibility of Renewable Technologies

  • » Storage, Shipping & Receiving Areas

The eBalanceZero Audit involves a survey of all energy uses in a building and compares these findings with energy utility bills. This has the dual purpose of helping to measure energy use and verifying the accuracy of utility bills.

Among the areas of a building being surveyed are:

  • » Outdoor Lighting

  • » Lobby & Hallways

  • » Mechanical Room

  • » Laundry Room

  • » Kitchen

  • » Bathroom

The eLuminate Audit concentrates on a building's lighting. The tool provides a detailed analysis of existing lighting levels and produces a report targeting cost effective retrofits and their ROI's. Building occupancy schedules are also analyzed to identify patterns and the feasibility of installing various control systems.

Areas surveyed as part of this analaysis include:

  • » Ceiling Lights

  • » Work Area Lights

  • » Hallway Lights

  • » Restroom Lights

  • » Exterior Lights

  • » Emergency Lights

  • » Plug Load

  • » Information Technology

HVAC Engineering
The HVAC Engineering Audit conducts a comprehensive and detailed analysis of a building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This audit includes detailed survey forms for:

  • » Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers

  • » Pump & Piping Systems

  • » Air Handling System Equipment & Controls

  • » HVAC Cooling Information

  • » Evaporative Coolers

  • » Cooling Generation & Distribution

  • » HVAC Heating Information

  • » Heating Generation & Distribution

The Building Envelope Survey evaluates a building's envelope, focusing on energy inefficiencies.

eNvelopeAudit evaluates:

  • » Exterior Walls

  • » Underground Walls

  • » Roofing

  • » Windows

  • » Doors

This survey evaluates the feasibility of installing renewable energy technology at the client's building.

Technologies surveyed include:

  • » Solar, Hot Water & Heating Potential

  • » Wind Potential

  • » Geothermal Potential

  • » Combined Heating and Power

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Water Conservation
As droughts wrack the West and water conservation efforts are instituted in the South, it becomes more important for everyone to measure and reduce water consumption. This survey attempts to identify water use in your client's building and help create conservation plans to cut usage.

Among the analyses conducted are:

  • » Total Consumption
  • » Water Balance
  • » Water Use KPI
  • » Domestic Hot Water Equipment
  • » Fixtures
  • » Cooling Tower, & Boiler Systems
  • » Irrigation
  • » Swimming Pools
Commercial Zero Waste Programs
Zero Waste
The Zero Waste Management Audit reviews a building's waste streams and recycling efforts. Current programs, costs and savings, and program tracking tools are all included.

Among the analyses are:

  • » Waste Reduction Assessment
  • » Current Waste Education Programs
  • » Cost Audit & Savings
  • » Waste to Landfill Program Tracking
  • » Paper Use Monitoring
  • » Paper Recycling Programs
  • » Cardboard Recycling Programs
  • » Other Recycling Programs
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