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Ares Nrg was founded in 1999 as an independent representative of a Gas supplier for Residential customers in a few of the deregulated states throughout country. ARESNRG represents both sides of the equation. Gas and Electric supply Thru Ambit Energy for Residential Users. And as a representative of the Energy Market Exchange for Commercial, Industrial and Office building users of electricity. Our brokerage platform is the state of the art as it allows consumers to see in real time competitive offerings for their Energy needs.

In addition to our energy products, Aresnrg energy can provide complete energy management services from negotiating procurement and hedging solutions, energy audit services and other energy related consulting services. In a deregulated state, multiple energy suppliers compete against each other, driving down prices and offering choice to consumers. The options are numerous and the details confusing. That’s where ARESNRG Professionals can help and of course the final decision is yours.

The Energy Alliance

We are a team of energy professionals specializing in the procurement of electricity and natural gas. Energy costs are among the most critical costs facing small business in America. The Energy Alliance can help you ask the right questions and make smarter decisions about your energy expenditures.

We are a supplier-neutral partner which means… we work for you, not the supplier. Our unique relationships with the electricity and natural gas supplier network gives our customers access to some of the most competitive pricing in the market. Our clients have included Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, property managers, food service companies, hospitals and municipalities. We are also proud to work with many smaller businesses where a few dollars can make a real difference to the bottom line.


We are still evaluating potential HVAC partners. If you would like your firm to be included, please send an email to Thank you.

Energy Curtailment Specialists

Demand response allows electricity suppliers and grid operators to cut stress by reducing demand for electricity. Grids are thus stabilized and electricity can be provided reliably.

Demand response programs pay you, the electricity consumer, to stand ready as a last line of defense to these rare but dangerous electric reliability crisis situations! Not only does demand response have a lower cost and shorter ramp up period than building new peaker plants, it’s environmentally friendly with virtually no emissions. ECS’ Demand Response programs are your best option for demand response,with NO risk and NO out-of-pocket expense.


We are still evaluating potential lighting partners. If you would like your firm to be included, please send an email to Thank you.

Energy Tax Savers

Energy Tax Savers, Inc. is the leading provider of Energy Policy Act (EPAct) tax services in the country. We are an interdisciplinary firm of employees with backgrounds specializing in tax law, accounting, engineering, and LEED certification.

Energy Tax Savers is the recommended EPAct service provider for the leading lighting & HVAC companies. We represent many of the nations leading retailers, warehouse owners, aerospace companies, industrial manufacturers, financial service firms and car dealers. We also represent numerous architecture, engineering, design & build firms, and lighting designers. Lastly, we are the premier publisher of literature on energy tax incentives.

Huper Optik

Let your office come to life. Accentuate your interior design with the beauty of natural light without the heat. Hüper Optik introduces the world's first nano - ceramic commercial window tint that provides the utmost in comfort, performance, aesthetics and security, while maintaining a clear view.

Hüper Optik patented window films optimally reject infrared light rays, the main cause of heat, while reducing the glare from the outside world to a comfortable level. This effectively cools down the space, improves the ambience and at the same time protects the furniture and furnishings from fading.

The unique ceramic coatings on Hüper Optik films not only offer superb durability, they reduce energy consumption, giving a positive return on your investment year after year. Hüper Optik nano - ceramic films can be used in a myriad of applications for commercial and industrial buildings, storefronts and residences.

Duel Fuel Corp.

With the rising costs of oil, many building owners are exploring their options of an oil-to-gas conversion for the heating of their facilities. DualFuel Corporation helps businesses make educated decisions based on their energy needs. If the decision is made to use natural gas, you can be assured that it will be exceedingly dependable. Natural gas is more affordable and it produces fewer emissions of sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen than oil, and subsequently leaves nearly no ash particles.

Renewable Technologies

We are still evaluating potential solar panels, small wind turbine, and geothermal systems partners. If you would like your firm to be included, please send an email to Thank you.

Aegis Energy Services

Aegis Energy Services provides turnkey installation of modular combined heat and power systems in convenient sizes for a variety of applications. These cogeneration units can be installed individually (75 kW) or combined to form larger systems. Low emission models of the Aegen Combined Heat and Power system are available for states with stringent air quality standards. Each cogeneration module includes a natural gas-fueled engine, induction generator, microprocessor control panel, protective switchgear, and heat recovery equipment. Each cogen module is enclosed in a sound attenuated cover and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

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