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Commercial Building Rating and Disclosure Ordinance, Chapter 47. Energy and Air Pollution

Implementation & Deadline

Implementation: 2013

Annual Reporting Deadline: May 1, 2014 and every May 1st thereafter

Rating Tool

Portfolio Manager, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Public website, Government

Building Types & Sizes

Any building containing at least 50,000 but less than 100,000 gross square feet of an occupancy use other than residential or industrial (Class 1 Covered Building) - May 1, 2015 and every May 1 thereafter.

Any building containing 100,000 or more gross square feet of an occupancy use other than residential or industrial (Class 2 Covered Building) - May 1, 2014 and every May 1 thereafter.


Any building owner or person who fails, omits, neglects, or refuses to comply with the provisions of this ordinance after the period of compliance provided for in the required warning notice shall be subject to an administrative penalty pursuant to Chapter 2 and the schedule of civil fines adopted by the city council.


Submit documentation establishing one of the following:

- The building is presently experiencing qualifying financial distress in that the building is the subject of a qualified tax lien sale or public auction due to property tax arrearages, the building is controlled by a court-appointed receiver based on financial distress, the building is owned by a financial institution through default by the borrower, the building has been acquired by a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or the building has a senior mortgage which is subject to a notice of default.

- The building or areas of the building subject to the requirements of this section have been less than 50% occupied during the calendar year for which benchmarking is required.

- The building is new construkction and the certificate of occupancy was issued less than 2 years prior to the applicable benchmarking deadline established pursuant to subsection (c).

Additional Information

ECO Zero Auditing Partners

ECO Zero is actively soliciting auditing partners in the Minneapolis area. Please check back here for names of auditors and companies who can provide benchmarking services using our tools.

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