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An ordinance to raise awareness of energy performance through information and transparency,
with a goal of unlocking energy and cost savings opportunities for businesses and residents.

A one-page review of Kansas City's Energy Empowerment Ordinance.

Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Energy Empowerment Ordinance.

Implementation & Deadline

Implementation:     May 1, 2016

Annual Reporting Deadline:     May 1 Annually

Rating Tool

Portfolio Manager, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Government, Public website

Building Types & Sizes

Municipal Buildings:

May 1, 2016, and each May 1 thereafter
All municipal buildings of at least 10,000 sf and greater

Institutional, Commercial and Multifamily Residential:

May 1, 2017, and each May 1 thereafter
All non-municipal buildings of at least 100,000 sf and greater

May 1, 2018, and each May 1 thereafter
All non-municipal buildings of at least 50,000 sf and greater


A civil penalty of up to $500 if benchmarking information is not reported within 60 days after receipt of written violation warning.
Each day the violation continues will be considered a separate offense but the cumulative penalty shall not exceed $2,000 annually.


A building may be exempt if:

1. The building has an average occupancy of less than 50% during the reporting year.
2. The property is primarily used for manufacturing or other industrial purposes.
3. The utility and/or tenant is unable to provide information neessary to the owner.
4. Due to special circumstances, compliance would cause undue hardship.

Additional Information

ECO Zero Auditing Partners

ECO Zero is actively soliciting auditing partners in the Kansas City area. Please check back here for names of auditors and companies who can provide benchmarking services using our tools.

Other Resources

Other resources will be uploaded as they become available.

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