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What is an energy audit?
An energy audit is the first step in the development of a plan to reduce energy usage in your building. ASHRAE (formerly The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers) has defined three auditing levels, in increasing complexity. ECO Zero LLC provides auditing software covering both Level I and Level II of the ASHRAE standards.
I'm not sure if my client's building is energy efficient or not. How can I make an evaluation without a major commitment of time and effort?
eQuickCheck5 has been designed to identify clients with significant potential for energy savings. It is provided to our partners for free and only needs simple energy data collection to answer five questions.
How can I run an eQuickCheck5 for my client?
Navigate to our eQuickCheck5 page and complete the short registration process. Once done, you will be able to access our eQuickCheck5 web app. Upon completion of the form, an EUI will be calculated along with a percentile ranking comparing your client's building with similar buildings in similar climate zones.
My client lives in a city or state that requires energy benchmarking. Does ECO Zero have a tool to help me report my client's energy and water usage to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?
Yes. The eQuickCheck PRO audit package provides the tools to collect all the relevant information required by the EPA's Portfolio Manager. Once successfully completed, and your client's data is entered, ECO Zero becomes your back-office support and makes the necessary calculations and submission to the EPA and your city or state. You will receive a full report in your email verifying the submission and providing EUI and percentile ranking for your building.
The eQuickCheck5 results indicate that there are energy inefficiencies in my client's building. What do I do next?
If your client's has a commercial/industrial or multi-family building, we recommend you conduct an eXpressAudit360. This is a basic (ASHRAE Level I) walkthrough of the building where all the components related to energy usage are evaluated. Your findings during the walkthrough are then submitted to ECO Zero for rating. A report is then sent to you via email identifying those systems in need of a more detailed analysis. This can help you to only audit inefficient systems, saving your client from paying unnecessary fees and you from wasting your time evaluating efficient systems.

For single-family residential properties, due to the simplicity of the systems involved, no eXpressAudit360 is available. If such a property appears to be energy inefficient, it is recommended that the auditor's next step be an eWeatherize Audit.
I'm not sure I have the technical expertise to conduct an eXpressAudit360 audit. Is training available?
As with all our audits, our website includes manuals, powerpoint presentations, and webinars covering any questions you might have while conducting an audit. However, the eXpressAudit360 has been designed for simplicity. Over 30 building components are rated via extensive checklists and explanations of what to look for in each rating area.
Now that I conducted an eXpressAudit360, your report has indicated that my client's building has inefficient lighting and HVAC. The report also proposed a review of renewable energy capabilities. What do I do now?
ECO Zero has component-targeted audits covering all of a building's components. For lighting, there is the eLuminate audit, and for HVAC there is the HVAC Engineering audit. To undertake these surveys, you will have to be certified for our Level II audits. If you do not have the appropriate training, you may tap into our referral program to find a suitable auditor in your region.

A third audit, eNergyRenew, is available to evaluate the feasibility of installing renewable technologies at your client's site. This audit may be undertaken without further certification.
What audits are available, and what building components do they cover?
ECO Zero has a full suite of auditing software:

eQuickCheck (5/Standard) - to provide a quick analysis of a building's energy utilization.

eQuickCheck PRO - to comply with benchmarking regulations.

eXpressAudit360 - to uncover those building components that are most energy inefficient.

eWeatherize (for multi-family and single-family residences) - a detailed energy analysis of these two types of building.

eLuminate - focuses on lighting and general electric usage.

HVAC Engineering - focuses on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

eNvelopeAudit - surveys a building's envelope, including roof, windows, walls, and doors.

eNergyRenew - evaluates the feasibility of adding renewable energy technologies (solar, wind and geothermal) to a building.

Water Consumption - focuses on water use in a facility.

Zero Waste - helps identify waste streams and areas where recycling programs will have the greatest effect.
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