ECO Zero Partner Literature

The E2C0 Program

An overview of our services and auditing tools.

The Energy Efficiency Marketplace

An overview of the energy efficiency market and the solutions offered by ECO Zero to help you meet your client's needs.    Investigate your opportunity of becoming a partner and find out about our business development tools to help you become   a successful energy auditor.

ECO Zero Service Catalog

A concise listing of all the currently available energy efficiency surveys.

For ESCOs:

A short presentation explaining the benefits an ESCO would realize by adding energy auditing to its service suite.

For Building Owners:

Presentation showing the benefits of energy efficiency and enhanced building values.

For Businesses:

Presentation showing the benefits of energy efficiency and its impact on the bottom line of any business.

The E2C0 Program: Commercial/Industrial

Eleven audits covering lighting, HVAC engineering, building envelope, renewable energy, water conservation and zero waste.

The E2C0 Program: Multi-Family Residences

Nine audits including energy and water balance, weatherizing, renewable energy, water conservation and zero waste.

The E2C0 Program: Single Family Residences

Eight energy, water and waste audits.

eQuickCheck Audits

Marketing sheet for the eQuickCheck5, eQuickCheck Standard, and eQuickCheck PRO software tools.


Marketing sheet on the eXpressAudit360 software tool. The eXpressAudit360 has been designed as a quick site survey to help identify the impact of building envelope and systems deficiencies on energy utilization and water consumption.


Marketing sheet on the eWeatherize software tool. This survey includes a wide range of energy efficiency measures that encompass the building envelope, its heating and cooling systems, and its electrical consuming appliances.

Partner4Success Program

Join our program to expand your client roster.

NDA Agreement

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement between you and Eco Zero, LLC.

Non-Compete Agreement

ECO Zero's non-compete agreement.

Consultant Questionnaire

Complete this applicant self-evaluation questionnaire and submit to ECO Zero to see if you are a good candidate to partner with us.

New Client Inquiry - Single Family

Survey audit process for an inquiry from a single-family homeowner.

New Client Inquiry - Commercial/Industrial Customers

Survey audit process for an inquiry from a commercial or industrial client.

New Client Inquiry - Multi-Family Building Owners

Survey audit process for an inquiry from an owner of a multi-family apartment building.

Program Deliverables

Process and promised deliverables of the various energy efficiency audits provided by ECO Zero, LLC.

Energy Savings Estimates

A projection of energy savings for commerical buildings sized between 20,000 sf and 100,000 sf.

Lighting Quick-Reference Chart

A comparison of lighting costs between incadescent, compact flourescent (CFL) and light emitting diode (LCD).

Retrofit Benefits Estimator

Use this spreadsheet to calculate your building's annual savings opportunity and estimataed retrofit project cost.

Estimated Energy Performance Improvements

Estimated energy savings for commercial buildings.

Energy Efficiency Tactics

Top low-cost and no-cost energy efficiency tactics for commercial buildings.

The Competitive Advantage on a Warming Planet

Efficiency Management Surveys

Financial Benefits of ENERGY STAR Buildings

Increasing Profits and Improving the Environment

Sustainability Assessments

Water Conservation Survey

National, State and Local Governments Leveraging Energy Star

Wasting Our Watts

Energy Savings vs. Energy Waste: Which One Motivates You?

Getting Ready to Sell

Powerpoint Energy Sales Presentation

The Case for Retrofitting Existing Buildings, Profitably

Energy as Currency: Controlling Costs to Boost Business

Solar (PV) Renewables Sales Presentation

What Customers Want

Business Rationale for Capital Investment in Energy Efficiency

The Decision Makers

Energy Efficiency Indicator: 2011 Global Results

Sales Call Qualification Form: New York City Benchmark Analysis

Sales Call Qualification Form

Tele-Prospecting & Appointment Setting Script

Commercial Energy-Services Qualifying Sales Questions

Customer Feedback and Referral Form

Process Steps for Sales to Small Businesses

Process Steps for Sales to Medium-Sized Businesses

Sales Consultant Prospect List

Sales Consultant Project Tracking

Energy Supply and Auditing Process

Energy Supply Data Collection Letter of Authorization

Benchmark Survey Agreement

Benchmark Survey Proposal Cover Letter

Water Conservation Survey Agreement

Zero Waste Management Agreement

Analysis of Renewable Technologies Agreement

Sample: Energy Supply Proposal

Sample: EUI eQuickCheck Report

Sample: Energy Benchmark Report

eQuickCheck C&M (Commercial & Multi-Family Buildings)

This app, available for Android, calculates your building's Energy Utilization Index (EUI) along with water consumption. Add annual energy consumption data (only one entry is necessary, rather than monthly information) for up to seven fuels along with your building's gross square footage. eQuickCheck C&M then converts total energy consumption into British Thermal Units (BTUs) and returns a color-coded EUI, green for energy efficient, yellow for average efficiency, and red for energy inefficient buildings.

In addition, you can access our database of 17 cities, counties and states with energy benchmarking laws to determine if your building is obligated to file an energy consumption report using the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Portfolio Manager. If you have to file an annual report, check the Goolge Play Store for our upcoming app, eQuickCheck ES (Energy Star), to help you file in a cost effective and timely manner.

eQuickCheck ES (Energy Star Benchmarking)

Watch this space for the introduction of our newest app, eQuickCheck ES, designed to comply with the energy benchmarking laws of 17 cities, counties and states.

eQuickCheck R (Residential)

Our residential energy efficiency app will help the homeowner identify energy inefficiencies and provide some helpful hints in getting to a "greener" stage.
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