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ECO Zero LLC Announces Availability of eQuickCheck5 and eQuickCheck PRO

ECO Zero LLC is proud to announce the availability of two new web apps - eQuickCheck5 and eQuickCheck PRO.

eQuickCheck5 is a free web app available to any auditor who signs up to partner with ECO Zero and use its various auditing software programs. This app is free after registration and has been designed to help the energy auditor gauge the xxx of a potential client. By running this software prior to investing significant time and money, the auditor can focus on only those clients who are operating energy inefficient buildings where savings can be significant. This helps both the auditor and client avoid unwarrented costs and lost time.

eQuickCheck PRO has been updated to target the buildings that must report their energy usage to the EPA's Portfolio Manager. This tool will greatly assist the energy auditor in the collection of all the relevant information required by the EPA. This data is then submitted to ECO Zero who will make the necessary calculations, format the data, and submit the data through the EPA's Portfolio Manager. Upon successful upload, a detailed report will be returned to the auditor's email inbox.

ECO Zero LLC Announces Partner4Success Program

ECO Zero LLC is pleased to announce their Partner4Success Program. In these difficult times, everyone is looking to cut costs while expanding their market. The Partner4Success program allows any building services-related company to accomplish both of these goals.

ECO Zero is looking to partner with the best vendors. We are already making sales calls in your area and are providing energy, water, waste, and renewable energy audits for our clients. As we identify retrofit opportunities, we would like to introduce partners who can bring cutting-edge technology with a service-centric approach to help our clients 'green' their business and enhance their bottom lines. And by partnering with us, you can expand your product line and differentiate yourself from your competition.

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2 January, 2014
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