14 cities and 2 states now have benchmarking regulations!

With the addition of Kansas City, MO there are now 14 cities and two states in the United States that require buildings to benchmark their energy usage. While there are various building types, sizes, and deadlines, all these regulations specify using the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Portfolio Manager as the rating tool.

Benchmarking is the process of calculating how much energy your building is using and then comparing that figure to other similar buildings. Portfolio Manager can be used to benchmark just about any type of building in any part of the United States. About 40 percent of the commercial buildings in the United States are currently using Portfolio Manager. And now the Canadian Government has decided to use Portfolio Manager as the tool for their national energy benchmarking program for existing commercial and institutional buildings.

If you are looking to expand the services that you provide to your commercial/industrial or multi-family buidling clients, then you owe it to yourself to evaluate this opportunity. By partnering with ECO Zero, you will be able to help your clients meet state and local regulations with only a minimal investment of time. You collect energy use (and water use too, if requested), enter the data in our online tool, and ECO Zero takes care of all the rest. We will analyze the data, provide you with a report that you can present to your client, and submit the information to comply with all state and local regulations. ECO Zero provides this service to you for only $174.99 for commercial/industrial buildings and $99.99 for multi-family buildings. Other energy consulting agencies charge from $500 up to $2000 for this service!
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