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ECO Zero LLC is a software development firm dedicated to creating easy-to-use and comprehensive auditing programs, bringing an unbiased solution for auditing firms to use in their operations. Our software is focused on helping the auditor collect all the relevant data needed to conduct a comprehensive analysis. After data verification, our software will identify the most viable efficiency projects.

Flexible Solutions
Our software has been built using a modular approach. Currently consisting of nine programs, this means that you, the auditor, can pick and choose to do only those analyses relevant to your client's situation. This saves you time by focusing on only the relevant areas, and saves your client the fees involved in a full-scale auditing regimen.

Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency
The E2C0 Program is exactly what auditors need right now to help their clients save energy and water, and cut the costs associated with waste disposal. Our range of software modules allow you to tailor your services to your client's needs while being more price sensitive than your competitors. Your customers will both save money and improve their building efficiency.

Finally, there is a comprehensive software solution to help you run your efficiency business. ECO Zero has dedicated ourselves to our clients, the tools we provide, and the value we add to your business. Our promise to you is simple. We will help you create more value in your auditing organization.
What our clients say
  • The survey forms are easy to use and make sure that I don't miss anything during the data collection phase of my audit. Using my real estate contacts I have been able to grow my new business substantially!
    from a MidAtlantic HVAC Company
  • Thanks to your audit tools, I have been able to show my clients that I am their business partner saving them money rather than a commodity salesman same as the guy down the block.
    ESCO Sales Manager
    from a NorthEast ESCO company
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If you are interested in partnering with ECO Zero and would like additional information on our various software auditing products, please click the link to the right.
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